Embrace your pits – a case against most deodorants

Most of us have walked past a group of teenage boys and been punched in the face by a pervasive waft of Lynx body spray. To most adults, we might comment on the stench with a friend we’re walking with, but that’s about as far as we go into thinking about it.¬†Little do many of


Eyes hurt and can’t sleep? Blame your computer.

We all look at computers way too much and as a result most of us get eye strain at one point or another. A lot of us suffer from lack of or bad sleep as well. These symptoms aren’t so strange though when you think realise that you’re basically staring directly into a light bulb


How to set business goals

Setting business goals should be important to you whether or not you run your own ‘business’. If you work and make money, you’re in business. And creating a few goals around your life and income will keep you either working and enthused in what you’re doing, or wondering whether what you do to make money


How to keep a journal (digital or physical)

If you’ve ever woken up and felt your chest tighten with the anxiety of feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything this month or got chills of dread for the upcoming week and didn’t know why, then keeping a journal could help you. Everyone’s heard of famous keeping a journal for ‘posterity’. But that’s the last


If you are solitary, be not idle

Two years later I could still pin on a map the exact point on the journey home when the breakup conversation started. It wasn’t actually until a couple of hours later that we came to that conclusion, but seeing his expression as we drove along Northborne I knew that’s where the night would lead if


The business of being Bill (Murray)

Sometimes I feel daunted by the enormity of a task: whether I’m starting a new exercise or starting a new client project. I get this feeling like its too BIG and I don’t even know where to start. Like, just thinking about everything involved in what it means to go to the gym or to


Why bananas are good for everything

I spent a good two years pitching my previous company to all manner of people, sometimes one-on-one but mostly in front of audiences larger than 80. And when the audience was big, I’d say I would freak out about 80% of the time. And by¬†“freak out”, I mean my heart would race, I’d lose control


Losing is winning. Just slower.

I lost again today. And it sucked. My badminton partner Graeme whooped me 4 games to 2. And while this isn’t unusual, I still hate it. But I persevere, not because I enjoy losing (who enjoys that?) but because I can feel myself getting better. I can see my arms fling wildly and hit that